Telling Your Story Through Audio and Video Interviews

This site is devoted to telling people’s stories through audio or video interviews and placing the interview, photographs and additional writings on their own website that we create.

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Telling Your Story Through Audio and Video Interviews

This site is devoted to telling your story through audio or video interviews with the option of placing the interview,  photographs and additional writings on your own website that we create.  You want the experience to be easy, fun and effective. The cost is very reasonable.  We can even do frequent interviews (podcasts) for you, your business and nonprofit organization.

I have 20 years experience hosting television and radio shows. I know how to make you sound or look your best. The White House and major agencies have featured my work. I won numerous national and local awards.

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What is MLA?

Contact me at or use the contact form below or on the main page of this site. 

We do six things:

We interview you over the telephone and create an audio recording

We create a website and place your recorded interview there

We add photographs

We add an “About” page (summarizing your life) or include one or two additional documents

We can now offer video interviews

We provide an array of additional services as options to enhance the experience

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Who is Len Sipes?

Who is Len Sipes?

Hi! Thanks for getting this far in the process.

First of all, I have an unquestioned reputation for honesty and service. That’s the only way anyone can survive 30 years of talking to national and state media.

This is probably the hardest part of creating this site. You are so used to uncertainty on the Internet that it takes a little convincing that I’m the real deal.

Well, this is what you get; a graduate of several universities with a post-Master’s Degree from the Johns Hopkins University who has 40 years of government service with 30 of those years involved in public relations for government agencies.

I have told the stories of people for over 30 years through hosting television and radio shows and writing articles for national publications. My television and radio interviews have been featured by the White House and major agencies and websites.

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Costs of Services


From our analysis of similar sites, we are among the least expensive.

Audio or Video Recording Only: Prices start at $250.00 to do a one hour recorded audio or video interview without editing. I send you a CD or DVD copy.

Audio or Video Recording on Your Own Website: For $500.00 I do an audio interview, populate a website we create just for you and place ten photos and an “About” page on the site summarizing your life or issue you want to promote.

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Example Interviews

Contact me via the contact from on this page or at

This page offers links from previously conducted interviews:

Http:// An interview with George Brosan, national criminal justice expert and former Superintendent of the Maryland State Police.

Http:// An interview with a survivor of the battle of Iwo Jima. Hobert tells a very interesting life story.

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