A Valentine Audio Love Story

by admin on February 12, 2012


A reader suggested something interesting; an audio account of how she and her husband met. She suggested that she and her husband get on separate phones and do an audio interview about meeting, dating and marriage. We would create a non-public website and post photos of their relationship and they would share it with kids, family and friends. It would be up to them if they wanted to make the site public (findable through a search engine).

But it was her second suggestion that was “really” fascinating.  She suggested that men should create a valentine interview (on a non-public website) complete with photographs where he talks about his relationship and how much he likes or loves the significant person in his life.

Could you imagine that? On Valentine’s day he provides the usual gifts “but” then leads her to his (or her) computer where he goes to the website (remember-it’s not accessible unless you know the address) and provides an overview of how he felt when they met, how he felt as the relationship progressed and how he feels now about the love of his life.

She felt it would be profoundly moving and touching. It’s one thing to provide the usual card. It’s another to listen or watch the man in your life declare his love and what their relationship means to him.

She said that if her husband had done that during courtship she would have listened to it endlessly. Afterwards they could take the site down (she would still have the audio interview on CD) or share it with others.

There is nothing as powerful as a person’s voice as to conveying emotions and feelings.  I wouldn’t suggest a proposal via a website; but it could happen soon after.

It was a good suggestion.


Best, Len.


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