An Interview With Don Sincell-Garrett County Republican Newspaper

by admin on March 14, 2015

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This interview was conducted on March 14, 2015 by Leonard Sipes LLC, owner of Http://MyLifeAudio.Com . MyLifeAudio continues a series of national award-winning radio and television interviews and embraces the theme of “Telling The Story of Your Life.”

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We interviewed Don Sincell, Publisher of the Garrett County, MD Republican newspaper. We describe Garrett County and discuss the struggles of one newspaper within the context of similar newspapers closing or being bought by national publishing companies.

The Garrett County Republican newspaper is one of the last family-owned newspapers in the country.

The website is .


The first issue of The Republican was published the first week of March 1877 by owner/editor James Hayden, a decorated veteran of the Civil War. He chose the name because of his extreme admiration for Abraham Lincoln, our nation’s first Republican president. The newspaper was purchased by one of his employees, Benjamin Hinkle (“B.H.”) Sincell in 1890, and he printed his first issue of The Republican on his 21st birthday.

The newspaper and commercial printing operation has remained in the Sincell family since that time, with representatives of the fourth and fifth generations now managing the business. Current editor and president of Sincell Publishing Company is Don Sincell, and his sister Mary Sincell McEwen is the assistant editor and vice president. Mary’s husband John is also in management, and Don’s daughter Rachel is a member of the news staff.

Don is only the fourth editor The Republican in its over 138 years of publication.

The Republican has a circulation of about 11,000, and is one of the largest weekly newspapers in the state of Maryland, averaging over 40 pages per week. The newspaper has subscribers in every U.S. state, and copies are also sent to many locations throughout the world, primarily to local folks serving in the military.

All corners of Garrett County, plus some neighboring areas in West Virginia and Pennsylvania, are covered in the news columns, and advertising customers are also located throughout the county and in neighboring states. The news columns also typically feature dozens of photographs in every issue. There is also an online edition of The Republican.

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