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by admin on September 12, 2011


A standard method of introducing yourself and your new website is to contact others within your field and ask for comments and the possible exchange of links.

There are endless debates and suggestions as to driving traffic to your site and the best seems to be links from one website to another. After reading thousands of articles on website development and listening to hundreds of podcasts on the subject, engaging your fellow site administrators and asking for comments and possible link exchanges is a recommended first step.

Google and other search engines see links from one site to another as a vote of popularity thus they are inclined to send you more traffic based on the number and relevancy of links.

I ran government websites for over five years and asking for comments and links was always difficult and tedious but fruitful after a certain amount of time. This article is based on my outreach efforts for two personal websites.

Here are my observations on asking for comments and link exchanges:

Sites that are directly administered by one person are far more likely than multi-administered sites to provide you with feedback.

For the personal history crowd (Http://MyLifeAudio.Com) they were involved, gracious and the flow of information continues to this day.

But my experience in developing other sites got different responses. Efforts to develop Http://LeonardSipes.Com  (public relations and social media for government, associations and nonprofits) through an outreach to social media, association and nonprofit sites were not nearly as fruitful. The majority were multi-person for-profit sites.

Are there lessons in my outreach efforts?

The bottom-line in the success of outreach efforts is the willingness to engage and learn. Personal historians (while promoting Http://MyLifeAudio) really wanted to exchange information; everyone was trying to explore the best methods of promotions and they were eager to engage. They are a nice and accessible group of people.

The social media, nonprofit and association administrators (promoting Http://leonardSipes.Com) simply were not interested in a conversation.

It’s not my purpose to discourage reaching out to other people. Contacting others to exchange information and/or links remains a necessary step. And it’s surprising that many do not check their e-mail or contact forms for weeks (or months) at a time thus responses are still coming in.

But the process of asking for links and comments is much easier when people are willing to engage as it was when the web was younger and we were all struggling to establish a presence.

Best, Len.


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