Audio Description-My Life Audio-The Ability to Tell Your Story

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I appreciate your comments and suggestions. Contact me by e-mail:  of  toll free via Google Voice at 410-575-3127.

Audio Description-My Life Audio-The Ability to Tell Your Story

Hi everyone. I appreciate your listening to this very short recording.

I’m Leonard Sipes and I’m here to describe my recording service and website at WWW.My-Life-Audio.Com.

My-Life-Audio.Com records your story and it really doesn’t matter what story you have to tell.

Maybe it’s your personal or family history. Maybe it’s a story about your business, your cause, your band or organization.

It could be a celebration of your upcoming wedding or major life event.

The content doesn’t matter. What’s important is your ability to tell your story accurately, passionately and that it’s recorded at the highest quality.

I guide you through the interview process and we discuss the questions and issues before we hit the record button.

It will be fun and greatly rewarding.

You have complete control over the results.

We can place the recording on the internet through My Life Audio or I can send you the recording on a compact disc.

We can even create your own website where the recording will be housed along with some written information and photographs.

My Life Audio.Com uses the best possible equipment and advanced audio techniques so you can tell your story in person or over the telephone from the comfort of your own home.

We can even do video interviews from your computer.

I’ve been doing television and radio interviews for over 20 years and I have national awards for customer service, audio, podcasts and public affairs programming.

That’s right; you’re going to be interviewed by a multi-national award winning expert who knows how to bring out the absolute best in your interview.

As to costs, well, there are people like me who are creating profiles and interviews for thousands of dollars. Your interview may be as inexpensive as a couple hundred dollars AND I will work with you to stay in budget.

Just go to WWW.My-Life-Audio.Com and review prices, sample questions, sample interviews and get back in touch with me.

You can call me toll free through Google Voice at 410-575-3127.

That’s 410-575-3127. Again please call 410-575-3127


E-mail me at .

Again, that’s .

There will be No pressure. Just feel free to ask your questions.

Again, I know how to bring out the best in people; I know how to bring out the best in you.

You can trust me with that responsibility.

And I really look forward to talking to you. Have a great day.


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