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by admin on March 25, 2011

One person’s journey of business creation; telling your story through audio and video. Http://

Do people trust you? Do people trust your business?

People buy from people, not businesses. While I have a hard time understanding this concept for all purchases, I know firsthand that many of the things I’ve bought or the services I’ve used come from my impressions of the people involved.

I have 20 years of hosting and producing radio and television shows and posting articles on government websites. Millions have watched, listened or read products I created.

People contact me through phone calls or e-mail or in person because they have a favorable impression of who I am.

They’re not contacting an agency. They’re contacting a person. They interact with my agency because they feel they know me.

An audio or video interview brings out your humanity; it accentuates your personality. It gives you time to develop and establish who you are.

I’ve read public opinion polls of institutions and many businesses are at the bottom of the list. I read and watch and listen to the ads and almost without exception, they don’t impress me.

Many of us feel that businesses are places to dread.    What if prospective customers heard about: your story of building the business from the beginning; how you and your spouse and children were part of a growing operation; how you had to sacrifice to create a business; how you are personally handled customer disputes to their satisfaction; how you hired the war veteran; how you support local charities?

All I’m suggesting is that people tend to view a business favorably because that feel they know and like the people involved. Let them like you.

Audio or video is all about personal communication. We don’t live in villages anymore and the way we learn about the people involved in a business is through the Internet.

After 30 years of communications experience, I believe that people respond well to the “humanity” of an organization as much or more than price or location.

The audio or video interview doesn’t have to be long and it’s something you can place on your own website.

Best, Len Sipes.



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