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Jonathan Montero April 21, 2014 at 2:16 am

hello I’m jonathan Montero and i want to share my story with you, so that i can help people and show them that even though life get rough that you are stronger than you think

Always believe that you are stronger than you think.

Author: Jonathan Montero

There was a time not too long ago, there were two young teenagers, one 13 and the other 14, who were friends in the same school. The 13 year old’s name was Elijah and the 14 year old’s name was Victor. Elijah, although younger, was street-smart did not have family love and life. Victor although older, was innocent, loved life, had an incredible family and was just a happy-go-lucky guy.

Victor thought that his friend Elijah was a good friend; however, Victor had no idea what he would face while being Elijah’s friend. Elijah started giving Victor expensive cellular phones and inviting him to different places. Victor felt bad that Elijah was spending so much money on him.

One day out of the clear blue sky, while they were at the office of Elijah’s dad alone, he asked Victor if he knew how to kiss, Victor replied “No.” Elijah responded “ I can teach you.” Victor was so shocked he remained silent. Elijah insisted, “ I can teach you and I won’t tell anyone.” Victor, pressured and intimidated by Elijah who was so much bigger then he was, was forced to go along with it. Although this encounter lasted seconds, to Victor it was endless.

After Victor got home, his mind was attacked by all these negative thoughts and feelings.” What is my family going think of me?” Victor knew he was not gay but these thoughts kept coming back to him.” If I tell my family, mom, dad, step dad, sisters, step brother, Grandmother, will they believe me? What will they think of me?” Victor was so torn up inside not only in his mind, but also in his heart. Incidents like this kept on happening but Victor could not do anything about it because he was scared of Elijah.

One day Elijah invited victor to spend a weekend at his father’s beautiful house in Key West. Although Victor was concerned on what Elijah might try on him, Victor convinced himself that he would not allow anything to happened. However, Victor was in for a horrible surprise. Everything was ok until it was night time. When Elijah and Victor were ready to go to sleep, Elijah went to Victor and said “I want you to do a BJ on me.” Victor responded “ Hell No” so he went to the sofa and while sitting there he was thinking of how to get out of this horrible situation. However, Elijah kept on insisting and Victor strongly said “NO”. Infuriated Elijah said “If you don’t do this I will kick you out of the house, you will be stranded and your family will not know where you are.” Victor panicked because he realized that he did not have his cell phone nor money with him.

Elijah was mad so he went to his room and Victor fell asleep in the sofa. All that Victor remembered was Elijah carrying him to his bed and waking him up and insisting on him doing what he wanted. Victor realized that it was not going to stop so he yielded. While this abuse was happening the only thing that was going through Victor’s mind was praying to God to forgive him and what his family was going to think of him.

Back at school on Monday Victor was avoiding Elijah as much as he could until Elijah told him, “ I need to talk to you in the restroom.” In the bathroom Elijah asked Victor,” Why are you avoiding me, Why are you doing this to me? You know I love you.” Victor replied” I don’t know what you are talking about.” While Victor was leaving Elijah pinned him against the wall and Victor could not release himself, at that moment two of Victor’s good friends came to his rescue and pushed Elijah and questioned Elijah,” What are you doing.” Elijah released Victor and then he fled. After that Victor thanked his two good friends. At that very moment the fear that Victor had of Elijah disappeared and he felt energized with confidence in himself and he knew that this abuse by Elijah would stop.

Six years had passed and Victor was ready to confront Elijah. Victor went to Elijah’s job and asked Elijah why he had done those things to him, to which Elijah responded,” I was just experimenting” When Elijah said that, Victor felt such anger that he wanted to hit him but he controlled himself. Now the situation was different, as Victor was taller and stronger then Elijah. So what Victor did was put Elijah on the spot so that he would admit to his fault. Elijah said “Sorry what I’ve done to you, we were just kids.” To which Victor responded “I hope that when you have kids you don’t teach them what you did to me. I half way forgive you I am not ready yet to forgive you completely.” As Victor turned around and left Elijah’s office, the sun was shining on his face and he felt such an extraordinary feeling that an enormous feeling had been taken off his shoulders and he could breathe again.

This sad story I’m telling you about is a true story. I was that kid, Victor. It was an incredibly challenging experience, However, I overcame those obstacles and I learned from them. The reason why I’m telling you my story is because if you are in a situation that you think that you cannot overcome, always believe that your stronger than you think.


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