Creating a business on the Internet. Looks easy; but it’s not.

by admin on February 28, 2011

One person’s journey of business creation; telling your story through audio and video. Http://

The process of developing a website and business is a daunting prospect for someone who spent an entire professional life in government. Thank God that Concetta (my wife) did just the opposite; she is a business expert.

My Life Audio.Com takes thirty years of government public relations skills plus hosting hundreds of television and radio shows and videos and turns that experience into a business for retirement.

I know how to do a variety of things well; I know how to interview people and I know how to create websites and I know how to get publicity for whatever I’m representing.

However, I know nothing about the sales process or bookkeeping or spreadsheets or legal issues or attorneys (guess I need to incorporate when I start charging people). Insurance? Do I really need insurance? Who do I go to create a business-related website? Who much do I need to pay? Who will create my logo? What forms do I use? When we retire, we will live in two states. What state do I incorporate in?

The advantage of being a couple years from retirement is that I have time to sort through all the issues but the learning process is far more involved than I thought it would be. The creation of the website was entirely done on my own but I’ll get a professional to make it look more like a business site.

But I must have rewritten each page ten times and I still find typos. What do I say? How do I say it and convince people that I’m worthy of their time and money?

I always said that I envy people who made their living soley based on their drive and creativity and their willingness to take risks. Well, I discovered that it’s more than a little scary. I have no idea what the magic combination of creativity and words are. Does the site work? Will people “get it,” or will they tell me that I’m being foolish?

Will I eventually be able to earn a living from my creativity and hard work?

I must admit that the sales process is not my favorite part of the experience. Forty years in government does not make you the most trusting of people; now you are asking people to trust you with telling their stories. Will they?

I conducted one interview thus far (for the moment I’m doing them for free) and I did discover this; it was fun. It was fulfilling. I want to do more.

So this will be a continuing journey of discovery. If you want, you can come along for the ride.

Best, Len Sipes.


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