During Christmas or Hanukkah-Give the Gift of Family History

by admin on December 18, 2012

Http://MyLifeAudio.Com and Http://LeonardSipes.Com

The holidays are for family gatherings and now is the perfect time to do a family audio history. You also have the option to place it on a website  created just for you so others can share the experience for decades to come.

It amazes me as to how much people don’t know about their own families. Time and circumstances pull us apart.  In the past families had strong oral traditions. Today, discussions about current and past generations seem to disappear in the complexity of our hurried, busy lives.

That’s a pity:

There are tools on this site that allow you to record family histories for free. I encourage you to explore them.

The purpose of MyLifeAudio.Com is to encourage individuals “or” multiple people to use separate phone lines and discuss the past through recordings.

You can also give the gift of an expansive personal or family history. The Association of Professional Historians is an excellent starting place. See http://www.personalhistorians.org/ .

What Make your family unique?

The bottom-line is to emphasize what makes your family unique. We come from many places and origins to make one nation.  The concept of “family” is not just something personal to you and loved ones; it’s also part of the fabric of this (or any) society.

Please consider something that will keep memories alive while adding much to an understanding of who we are.

Have a great Christmas. Have a happy Hanukkah.

Best, Len.

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