How Do I Tell My Story?

by admin on October 23, 2012


This  question is common and there are endless internet-based opportunities for telling your story including the resources listed on this site.

Free sources abound and many are as simple as starting a blog, see  . You can always ask family and friends to guide you.

But what most seem to be asking is “how do I tell my story” and get professional help to create a quality product?

Free sites take effort; it really depends on how much time you have. No site will personally guide you through the process and it takes time to produce a nice result.

But that’s not the issue:

But that’s not the issue, is it? Most state that they find it almost impossible to write about their own lives. Some feel it’s bragging or boastful and many of us were raised not to that. Pity. Your life story is valuable to so many people.

Professional assistance involves hiring someone and this site provides a high-quality result at a very reasonable cost.

There are others (several listed on this site) who are experienced in creating video products that are wonderful and inspiring. Some will create a book documenting your story. All are wonderful and caring people who will do a great job. Just be prepared to pay for the time and effort.

Final analysis:

So you have choices:

Do it for free if you have the time and are willing to write about yourself.

Use the resources of MyLifeAudio.Com for personal assistance and a reasonably priced alternative while creating a quality product.

Use the services of seasoned professionals who will create impressive works of art; just be prepared to pay the thousands of dollars necessary.

Best, Len.

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