How Do You Keep Your Life Story Alive?

by admin on November 5, 2012


Is a never-ending Facebook page the key to keeping your legacy alive after you’re gone?

I was listening to “This Week in Tech” on the TWIT network ( when host Leo Laporte addressed the use of Facebook and the possibilities of keeping the page alive as a living memorial to those who have passed.  Laporte’s video and audio shows on a variety of technology and social media topics are the best available.

But I disagree with Leo as to the Facebook option. How many social media sites have come and gone in a very short period of time?

How are you going to assure anyone that Facebook or any other social site will be alive in the next ten years?

However, Leo stated on earlier shows that creating your own website is the only way of having complete control over your story. Facebook and other sites may come and go or change rules in a heartbeat but your own website lives on forever.

I use WordPress for all my personal and government websites and I also use WordPress for websites telling the stories of others.  And you can use WordPress to develop your own free site, see .

WordPress is the world’s biggest and most reputable platform for creating websites. It’s user friendly and I recommend it to everyone.

If you’re looking to keep your legacy (or the story of your business) alive then use WordPress, not a social media site.

If you’re looking for asistance, MyLifeAudio.Com and many others (see suggested resources on this site) can help.

Best, Len.

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