I’m getting older. How do I record my life history?

by admin on August 8, 2011


A request from a reader; he wants to know how to record his memoirs, his life history?

There are endless options ranging from getting a professional to create his life history on film or in written form such as a book to do it yourself projects. For paid assistance, the Association of Personal Historians will be more than happy to assist, see http://www.personalhistorians.org/.

But my reader wants to do it himself; he doesn’t have the funds to spend thousands of dollars on a professionally created product. Note that the products on this site can cost as little as $500.00.

As to doing it for free, my favorite solution is (without surprise) an article posted on this site (see http://mylifeaudio.com/telling-your-story-for-free/) where I write about using WordPress to create your life story and placing it on the Internet. Remember, you do not have to make your site available to search engines; it can only be accessible to people who know the address.

As to guidelines to help you craft your life story, please see http://mylifeaudio.com/suggested-guidlines-for-interviews/.

Need additional help? There are endless recourses via the Internet. See http://lds.about.com/od/ldsfamilyhistory/a/personalhistory.htm or do additional searching on the terms “personal history,” or “my story” or variations of similar terms.

The bottom-line in all of this is to “just do it.” For all the reasons cited on this site, you will be doing you and your family a tremendous favor “if” you do it correctly.

Best, Len.

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