Personal historians–telling your story with grace and dignity

by admin on July 27, 2011

When you create a new website it’s common practice to reach out to people with similar sites to ask for opinions or to exchange links (the number of relevant links on your site determines traffic from Google and other search engines).

I’ve done this several times for my sites and the sites I assist. The usual response is lukewarm and somewhat unsatisfactory but it’s the beginning of a dialog that pays off in the long run.

The experience in reaching out to the personal historian community (via the Association of Personal Historians–source below) has been refreshingly different. I received approximately 25 e-mails and phone calls from very motivated and caring individuals who provided advice and critiques of this site.

The personal historian community is unlike any other I’ve encountered which is great news for those of you who are interested in having someone create your personal or corporate histories.

These are generally well-educated individuals with a passion for telling the stories of others. The websites contained on the association’s site are impressive with some creating public-television style videos for their clients.

Some authors have a multitude of published books; others have created a variety of personal histories. All encountered seem to be dedicated to accurate and sensitive portrayals of people’s lives. In short—they care.

It’s tough in the Internet age to find services that create value for the dollar; it’s equally tough to find people you can trust with intimate details of your life.

But if my interactions are any indicator, you will be in good hands with people who create personal histories. Hopefully, your experience will be a good as mine.

See for information on the Association of Professional Historians.

Best, Len.



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