Reconnecting Grandparents to their Grandchildren

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Life can be ridiculously unfair.  I helped a really nice guy who happens to be a grandfather create a recording and website (not one of the example sites on MyLifeAudio.Com) so he could send the link to grandkids; they live great distance from their home.

The daughter-in-law and the grandfather do not see eye-to-eye on a variety of items.

The grandparents and their grandchildren have little contact.

It’s not my job to judge family circumstances but the gentleman and his wife seemed very likeable. They are accomplished people.  Like most of their generation, they started out with little and accomplished much.

So we worked on the recording and the website and he sent the link to his grandkids.

Their response? “Hey granddad, I didn’t know that you and grandma did all that!”

It would be a violation of their privacy to go into details but they had an impressive list of life events and triumphs.  Nope, they weren’t rich or powerful; they just worked hard and did much.

So the grandkids start a discussion with their parents asking them if they knew everything granddad and grandmom had done.  The mom had to come to grips with the website. She no longer had control over the “facts” of family history.  She could attack the website as inaccurate or exaggerated, but the recording and the facts could not be dismissed.

During the audio interview, my client did not speak harshly about anyone. He calmly but passionately described their lives AND the love they had for all their children, spouses and grandchildren.

Suddenly, granddad was cool.   Grandmom was admired.  Heck, they had their own website and interview, how cool is that?

It’s my guess that I’ll do a lot of recordings and websites to help people reconnect. It’s not a card or letter people can throw away; it’s not an e-mail they can delete.

It just sits there forever and sooner or later, people who lost their way will watch, listen or read.  They have to. And my guess is that if it’s done with class and care, it will make a difference.

Best, Len.



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