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by admin on May 19, 2013


Http://MyLifeAudio.Com and Http://LeonardSipes.Com

You want to record your life. You want to promote your business or organization.

Over 40,000 people every month are looking for the best possible format to express themselves through audio or video searching terms like: life interview, oral history, record story; record stories; record your life; record my life; record my story; and record your story.

I know you’re out there. I know you have something to say.

Whether it’s a personal life story, a gift for a friend or family member or promotions for a business, association or nonprofit agency, everyone has a message for the rest of us.

You want a fun, easy and effective experience.

Opportunities to Record Yourself:

The term “record” has many meanings. There are endless opportunities to create a written record through the internet.

As to doing it for free, my favorite solution is (without surprise) an article posted on this site (see where I write about using WordPress to create your life story and placing it on the Internet.

As to guidelines to help you craft your life story (regardless as to format) please see or search “oral history” or “life interview.”

Need additional help? There are endless resources via the Internet. See or do additional searching on the terms “personal history,” or “my story.”

There are others linked on this site ( list on right) who are experienced in creating video products that are wonderful and inspiring. Some will create a book documenting your story. All are wonderful and caring people who will do a great job. Just be prepared to pay for the time and effort.

Audio or Video Recordings:

If you search for the terms in the first paragraph you will find services that will create audio or video recordings.  Most are interested in unique stories or have specific audiences they want to record (i.e., veterans).  There are new apps and technologies to consider.

When You Want Someone to Do It For You. What We Do:

My Life Audio. Com is devoted to telling your story through audio or video interviews and placing the interview, photographs and additional writings on your own website that we create.  We record you from the comfort of your own home or I can do it in person.

This is a personal service. We guide you through every step.

You want the experience to be easy, fun and effective. The cost is very reasonable.

We can even do frequent interviews (podcasts) for business and nonprofits.

I have 20 years experience hosting television and radio shows. I know how to make you sound or look your best. The White House and major agencies have featured my work. I won numerous national and local awards.

What Do You Want to Say?

The issue could be your reputation or an issue you want to promote.

It could be a family or personal history.

The interview may be for as charity or business.

You may want to let someone special know how much you love them.  You may be celebrating a significant moment. It could be a living memorial of lives or events; something you can be proud of. The options are endless.

We Do All The Work:

You will receive the same time and attention afforded to the rich and famous. Your story lives forever on the Internet.

We do all the work.

You can make the site private (not accessible to search engines) or public.

Your privacy is of the utmost importance; we do not share your information with anyone for any reason.

If You Want to Create an Audio or Video Recording:

Please contact me. Let’s discuss your thoughts or ideas.

Click on the topics on the top of this page or beneath the main photo for additional information.

appreciate your comments and suggestions.

By e-mail:

Toll free via Google Voice at 410-575-3127

Or use the contact form on the front page of this site.

Best, Leonard Sipes.

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