Recording Summertime Family Events

by admin on June 27, 2011







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A consistent theme on this site is benchmarks. There are times and places when people come together and memories are made.

All of us remember summer gatherings of friends and family. Yep, none of these events are stress-free and the memories can be equal amounts of fun and frustration but they remain benchmarks never-the-less.

It would be really interesting to have access to audio recordings of members of the family during these gatherings. All it takes is a digital recorder or getting people to do interviews using the service of MyLifeAudio.Com.

My cousin went on to be a business leader but at one time, she was just another stumbling and bumbling kid who just wanted to have fun.

Liberals became conservatives and conservatives became liberals. People who once had strong views mellowed. With some, an interest as a teenager eventually became a successful profession.

The point is that all of these people and their perceptions influenced who you are today.

Some became friends and confidants and some simply drifted away. But they still had an impact on your life.

All of us are shaped by the people we share life with but it’s almost impossible to see the influence without knowing where you came from.

Family gatherings become benchmarks or guideposts; small beacons of light that pulled you in one direction or another.

It would be really interesting to return to these points of light so you can rediscover your influences and why you moved in the direction you did.

Best, Len.



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