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by admin on July 24, 2013

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There are endless options for telling life stories and oral histories; one is the article below from an English newspaper regarding recording your child’s early years. Tots Diary is adorable and a good idea.

We are constantly seeking new ways to make recordings easier. There are apps from Apple and others turning our smart-phones into recording devices. There are websites devoted to story telling; a search for the topic provides many examples. There are speciality sites for veterans, nurses, people coping with illness and a wide variety of other topics.

And then there are professional sites bringing oral histories to high art; see the right side of this page under “Blogroll.” See the Oral History Association and Story Corps as two great examples. Paid personal historians are also listed.

Then there is this site, MyLifeAudio.Com ( that records audio and video stories and places them on a website created just for you. You get to choose if you make the website public or private.

The bottom-line for all the articles I write is to take action now. Life is slipping by. It’s important to record your stories and those of your loved one’s as soon as possible. You won’t regret the decision.

Best, Len.

Article from Bedford Today:

“A new online baby book has now launched offering parents a magical way of recording special memories and landmark moments.

Tots Diary is an innovative digital baby book and provides a permanent record of a child’s life, storing details such as facts and figures from the birth, why a name was chosen, a child’s first word, a first step, a favourite food, and even details of a specially loved toy.

Other momentous moments, such a child’s first football goal or dance routine, can also be recorded using comments, photographs, and videos.

Tots Diary is the brainchild of mum of three Katy Tatford who became disillusioned with what was available on the market to record Children’s special moments as they grown up.

Katy, of Ampthill said: “I am a proud mum of three children, and every day my little ones say something funny or do something special. “There are so many moments where I have longed to record these moments or jot them down, so that in years to come we can all chat, laugh and reminisce.

But, like many parents, I don’t often have time to sit down and pen long anecdotes on paper. When I looked for a quicker, digital keepsake, I realised it would be a nice idea to create my own Tots Diary.”


The website for Tots Diary is

If you need help:

Please contact Http://MyLifeAudio.Com if we can provide assistance with creating audio or video interviews from the comfort of your home.

Use the contact form below or on the main page of the site.

Best, Len.

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