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A consistent theme in talking to people about MyLifeAudo.Com is the wish they recorded their family histories. To most people, it’s comforting to document portions of their lives as benchmarks; something to return to in future years.

As I look over my life, I discover that my parents were my best friends and the older I got the closer we became. Dad and Mom became Catherine and Leonard. The emphasis on teaching me life lessons was over. Now we related as people.

My father and mother were good and kind people simply trying to make their way through life. It was rare to hear a negative word from either of them. They truly listened and they were truly interested in my life.

Yes, I did a formal recording of my Dad years ago which gave me the idea for this site. But I think I would have been happier to record both parents in an informal setting to ask them about their hopes and dreams as they entered the latter portions of their lives.

Discovering that my parents were my best friends came later in life. Now I regret that I do not have the ability to hear them once again. I’m not quite sure I would have placed the recordings on a website but any vehicle that would let me “interact” with them once again would be nice.

The bottom-line? Record your memories before they get away.

Best, Len.



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Diane July 14, 2011 at 7:20 pm

Too many people away too soon and no one really knows who they are.
You know who your parents are and what they did, but do you really know how they felt about events in their lives. So many children aren’t hugged enough and told how much joy they have brought to their parents? How many children have died too young and their parents have not recorded their lives?
Our goal at Sharing Journeys is to see the no one is ever forgotten. We realize we cannot reach the world, but we are willing to try!
Every life is a journey and not a destination.
We just got back from Galveston Texas, where we presented our program to my Mother’s assisted living community and we were quite sucessful. We also presented it to a Quilters group, and they were really enthusiastic about the program.
If you would like to meet and talk, I live in Dallastown PA, but I am orginally for Maryland and know the Maryland area.
Diane Lancaster

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