Remembering the Big Moments of Your Life

by admin on April 21, 2011

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I recently met a young woman who moved from a farm in South Dakota to work in the medical profession in Baltimore. She tells me that she spent her first two weeks exploring the city with intense apprehension. She found a job working for one of the top doctors in the city and she found companionship with a young man who also came from a rural background. She is currently evaluating her life and beginning to figure out next steps.

This is a fascinating story! How someone from a rural background (she lived an hour from the nearest city) could simply pack-up and move to a big city is intriguing. Did she keep her rural values? Did she become hardened by big-city life? Is she a different person? Would her friends recognize her new personality?

Better question–will she remember the details?

Will she remember the details thirty years from now? Will she embrace the sights and smells and people she encountered? Is her young man the “one” and if so, will she have the opportunity to share all of this with her children?

For most of us, these are fleeting moments that get lost after time. I remember going to Europe on a couple of occasions and those memories, while powerful, have lost details over time. I wished I had recorded what happened, how I felt and the lessons learned.

So what’s your big moment?

What have you done that you found significant? What happened during your first important job? How did you meet your spouse? How did you feel after losing a parent? What did you go through nursing a child back to health after a prolonged illness? What lessons did you learn after failing in business and starting over?

Sure, we all remember the sights and smells and sounds of our lives but our feelings and perceptions and lessons learned dim with time. Recording those details transports you back in flawless flight to a time when we were different people with unique and developing views of the world.

It’s interesting how I try to incorporate God into an everyday part of my life yet 30 years ago, my spiritually was almost completely missing. Why was that? What were my beliefs back then? What is different now?

So it’s the big moments in life that teach us the lessons we will carry with us for a lifetime. It’s too bad we didn’t take the time to jot down the details. Maybe the lessons would be sharper, clearer. Maybe life’s lessons need to be embraced; but to get the fullest understandings; we have to record the details.

Maybe life’s biggest lessons can only be truly told as they happen.

Best, Len.



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