So what’s in it for me? Telling your story.

by admin on August 1, 2011


So you come to a site like MyLifeAudio.Com and ask, “what’s in it for me?”

I recently wrote about the Association of Personal Historians. One member cautioned me to always ask about the relevance of what I do for the customer.

Then a reader brought up the same issue, “If I engage a personal historian, what are the benefits?”

Immortality or a sense of immortality is my best answer. We go through life the best way we can and poof, it’s over; memories remain for family and friends to share.

Are you sure you want to trust family and friends to get it right? Who is going to tell your story better than you?

Why not leave your own legacy behind the way you want it recorded or written. Why not do that for yourself?

Another answer is that it’s your duty to inform future generations about you and your life. Do your grandkids get to know you or not? Are you sure you want to leave it to the remembrance of your son’s or daughters?

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to go to a website and listen to your great-grandfather talking about his life. Wouldn’t it be great to read whet he left for future generations?

The third reason is reputation, yours or that of your organization or business. You can improve so many issues right now just by creating your (or your businesses’ story).

Finally, you want to record your history because you’re a top-notch person who has accomplished much and you have a lot to say—and you don’t want it left to family and friends to interpret.

So the bottom-line behind my future business and those already established is that you have control of your reputation.

Are those reasons enough?

Best, Len.



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