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by admin on February 20, 2013


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My father lived a gallant life that few would recognize as remarkable. He grew up during hard times in the Great Depression and was a Marine during the Second World War. He raised a family on little money and volunteered for a number of community based organizations. He was active in his church and the Boy Scouts. He was hard-working and honorable.

The conversations and tape recording we did are cherished. It left a first-hand account of life honorably lived.

I always dreamed of erecting a large statue of my mother and father in memory of a “modest” life well-lived. But today’s technology allows the erection of a memorial far more impressive than any statue.

Telling your story can be a pleasant and important event. Regardless of age, everyone has something to say. But for those who lived a full life, telling your story in the way you want it to be told gives you a form of immortality.

For your children and grand-children, for your customers, friends and neighbors, your story could be a living legacy.

For me, entering the lives of people and telling their stories is very fulfilling.  I’m so impressed when people see and hear the final results.

Few of us are in a position to tell our stores in a professional setting.  But this site will do it in a way that brings a sense of pride to you and your family.

Ten years ago, this idea would have cost tens of thousands of dollars. Today, it’s a tiny fraction of that cost.

When I interviewed my Dad, I asked him about growing up during the Great Depression as one of a family of 12. I asked him about his fears during the Second World War. I asked him what it was like to be a father to four kids.

What I heard was a remarkable story about struggles, fears, hopes, dreams and the love he found with my mother. He didn’t see himself as interesting enough to be interviewed but afterwards he was grateful that someone took the time to know him as a person.

Someone took the time to record his story.

Best, Len.

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