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by admin on January 24, 2012


There will come a time where you wished you told your life story or family history. Many of us wish we had access to an audio or video account of our parents or grandparents; it would be lovely to simply click on a website and watch or listen to the most important people in our lives.

Your children and grandchildren will feel the same way about you. There will come a day where they will need to feel a connection with you and your experiences.  Regardless as to your relationship now, that day will come.

There are a multitude of websites that allow you to do this for free so there’s nothing really stopping you but the time invested.

There are professional historians who will do it for a fee. When I retire this site will record your voice over the phone or video via a computer and place it on your own website that will never need updating; all for a very reasonable fee.

Examples of free and paid sites: is from Cathy Hansen’s blog and creates a good place to start your story-telling adventures.  Cowbird is a new site that looks promising, see  On my website is an article about using WordPress to create your own website for free, see

The Association of Professional Historians  can assist for a fee. Most are very nice people dedicated to their craft.

People keep asking why I push free websites when I will use this site to do recordings and websites for a fee. Well, it will be some time before I retire and I want people to record their life histories now either by paying for someone to do it for them or by using a free site. People need to  record their histories.

I miss my mother and father and although I did not know them well, I also miss my grandparents. The thought of going to their websites and listening to them or watching them on video and reading their accounts of life would be thrilling for me and my children.

But that never happened. Please do not let it happen to you.

Best, Len.

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