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by admin on July 30, 2013


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Contact me at or use the contact form on the main page of the website or at the bottom of this article. 

MyLifeAudio conducts audio and video interviews and places the results on your own website that we create. So why am I telling you about free services? Because I’m interested in people telling their stories. You don’t have to pay us a dime to get that done.

However, we’re convinced that there are lots of people who will remain interested in paying modest fees for our services.

Tell your personal, business or nonprofit stories for free:

The internet is all about telling stories. Regardless of your area of interest, somewhere out there there’s a site for you. All you have to do is write your story and follow the directions as to posting (putting it on the site). If you’re a nurse, there are websites for nursing that encourage you to tell your nursing oriented stories. It’s the same with any occupation or condition. There are thousands of websites waiting for you to post your story.

See the articles on this website; I routinely tell you about a wide variety of free and paid options.

Creating a free website and telling your story using WordPress:

There are services on the internet that allow you to create a free website or blog (a blog is a website for stories). They make money by placing advertising on your site.

WordPress is the largest provider of free websites/blogs in the world. They have a wonderful reputation and offer an incredible array of services. I favor WordPress for simplicity and the fact that no one offers as many free services.

I love WordPress.

I WANT people to tell their stories and you can do that on your own free website. If you decide to do it on your own, and if I helped create a new WordPress user who discovers the joys of communicating with the outside world, then I’m a happy man.

The concept of creating a website is foreign to many people but today it’s not nearly as difficult (or as expensive) as it once was.

I’m hesitant to tell people it’s easy (because new stuff takes time to learn) but this IS something you can do on your own. If you can type and follow instructions, you can create a website.  You can pay us to do it for you, but it’s not necessary.

I use WordPress for this site as I used WordPress for my government sites and my personal websites.

Creating a website with a blog is a wonderful way of getting your points across and telling the world what you think.

Most refer to this as social media as you create your content and share it with other people through Facebook, Twitter and other sites.

You CAN put audio and video on WordPress.

WordPress is divided into two sections; and


Let me make a recommendation; if you are creating a blog or website and don’t have a lot of experience doing either, stick to WordPress.Com.

WordPress.Com is CONSTANTLY improving and offering options that you could only get on paid platforms. ( allows you to create your own website and/or blog for free.

The site is maintained for free and the website address (known as a domain name) is also free. They also provide an array of free and paid themes (think of a theme as the frame of a house) to give your site a unique look.

You never have to worry about going into the site to maintain it or update it. does all that for you at no charge.

Note that can put ads to your website or blog and you have no control over the contents of those ads. It’s how they make money to provide all these wonderful services.

You can pay a fee to to keep ads off the site. allows voice recordings but they charge $20.00 per year to host them. If you put audio on, you should make yearly payments. But they won’t remove the audio portion if you don’t. The video service costs $60.00 a year.

So why do I charge to create websites if will do it for free?

The answer is simple, most sites like WordPress can be complicated; the “tech” or technical community has a very hard time saying things in plain English.

I can do all the work for you and create the site, mount your documents and photographs and create voice or video recordings.

But you can do all of this yourself and lots of people without technical backgrounds have done just that.

WordPress.Org ( is different from gives you much more freedom to do what you want with your site. The bottom line is appearance and services for those who come to the site. This site uses

The principal freedom is choosing from a vast array of free or paid themes (like I previously said, themes are the structures of websites–like the frame of a house).

We employ a paid theme for this and other websites that is remarkable in its stability, usefulness and flexibility. I compare a paid theme to driving a luxury automobile with a five-star crash rating instead of driving a lesser vehicle.

Both will get you to your destination but one will be safer and add many additional features.

You also have the option to incorporate a “skin” over your paid theme that turns your site from a blog to a professional looking website. Creating a good looking website can cost $3,000 to $5,000 and up. Incorporating a skin can reduce those charges to a couple hundred dollars for the cost of the skin and professional installation.

Most professionals in the Internet community recommend that you “own” your own address (known as a domain name) and you create a website where you have complete control over all content and how the site looks.

With, you have to purchase the address of your website from WordPress or someone else (you rent website addresses-you don’t own them). When I created my sites, I purchased (actually rented) the address. If you don’t keep the payments up, you have the probability of losing your address to someone else.

Your site becomes your reputation—it becomes your public relations operation. If your site is the very embodiment of you are, wouldn’t you want complete control over everything that appears on your website or blog?

But WordPress.Org comes with challenges as well as opportunities.

You also have to buy the power to keep the site operating (known as bandwidth). The good news is that the cost of bandwidth has dropped remarkably over the last ten years. You can operate your on site for as little as $7.00 a month.

You also have to do some maintenance on your website. Principally this involves updating software (fairly easy). But note that I had a website using a free theme crash and become unusable when I updated plug-ins (software packages that add capacity). Now I use a paid theme that has the strength to resist crashes.

Note that I caused this site to crash when I switched the domain name. I had to start completely over. I also had a problem that caused me to use VaultPress, a paid service from WordPress that backs up your site and tells you if you have security issues. gives anyone who wants to create their own website and blog the power to do so and have complete control over how the site looks and acts. It comes with challenges (listed above) but it can’t be beat for what it does; it allows you to communicate with the world in a very professional manner.

It also provides this service at a tiny fraction of the costs to operate a website ten years ago.

But if you want a great looking site and don’t want to do it yourself: 

Please contact Http://MyLifeAudio.Com if we can provide assistance with creating audio or video interviews from the comfort of your home or we can create a WordPress based website for you.

Our prices are more than reasonable.

Use the contact form below or on the main page of the site.

Best, Len.

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There are lots of books available on the WordPress experience and I recommend “Wordpress for Dummies.” Yes, the title’s a bit insulting but the book is instructive especially for those new to websites and blogging. It’s available via Amazon and many additional sites.

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