Telling My Veteran’s Day Stories

by admin on November 12, 2012


The idea for this site started with an audio recording of my father who served with the US Marine Corps during the Second World War. My father was a deeply honorable man and I wanted to document his contributions and life.

Another World War Two Marine influenced this site.  One of my example interviews  is a recording of a veteran of the battle of Iwo Jima , please see or go to

Veterans Deserve their Living Memorials

If there is anyone who deserves their own website with an audio or video recording, it’s those who served in the armed forces. It’s almost impossible to describe the sacrifice of people who fought for the freedoms we all enjoy.

It’s always bothered me that we provide attention to the politicians and high-ranking military officials but we do not offer the same level of attention to the individual soldiers; they sacrificed so much yet receive so little attention.

Their stories are insightful and sometimes tragic. They witnessed death and destruction, heartache and valor. They gave so much.

Please tell Your Story

If you are a veteran, please tell us your story. If you are a family member or friend, please encourage the veteran to share their experiences.

We belong to the greatest nation in the world and the freedoms we enjoy have been bought by the blood, sweat and sacrifice of millions of individual men and woman.

They deserve their own form of immortality that a  website brings.

Lots of Free Resources

There are resources on this site that tell you how to create your own website for free. There are dozens of additional opportunities via the internet to document veteran-related stories. Please use the search engine of choice and look for veteran story or stories.

There are lots of people interested in documenting the experiences of veterans.

I sincerely hope that friends and families take the time to record their loved one’s who gave so much.

Best, Len.

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