The Aurora Project Barn Dance

by admin on October 10, 2015

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The Aurora Project Barn Dance was filmed on October 4, 2015 to support the Aurora Project, a 501(c)3 charitable project devoted to “Keeping the Arts Alive in Appalachia,” see Donations are needed to support their work and the remarkably rich arts community in West Virginia.

The video was created by Leonard Sipes. Sipes creates award-winning media relations at and award-winning audio and video (best podcast and best audio, 2015) at MyLifeAudio.Com, see

The Aurora Project, located in the Allegheny Mountains in West Virginia, provides the opportunity for artists and scholars from across the country and around the world to live and work in an environment supportive of the creative process.

Situated in a rural community surrounded by high plateau farmland and forested hills, the restored historic buildings that comprise the Aurora Project were once part of a 19th Century mountain resort. Converted into private studios and lodging, the buildings, some on site and others within two miles, are across a rural, two-lane road from Cathedral State Park, a protected old growth forest.

It is within this distinct natural setting and rich history that artists and scholars are afforded undisturbed time and space for the exploration and exchange of new ideas or the advancement of works in progress, to be responsible only to themselves and their work. It is also within this environment that the Aurora Project’s Education Program and Community Partnership strive to encourage and sustain an appreciation and understanding of the importance of the arts, humanities and the environment. Full-time residencies will begin in 2015.


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