The quality of voice in conveying a message

by admin on January 31, 2012


A recent paper from Cinchcast extols the effectiveness of voice and audio as a mechanism for communications. “The simple allure of the human voice and the comparative ease of engagement it offers give audio content a unique power.”

“A voice conversation, with its intonations, inflections and emotion can offer something text can’t, a richness of qualities unique to voice.”

We may record our personal or family histories in writing and we may even add video but there’s nothing that conveys human emotion as powerfully as your voice. Reading creates a fantasy of the mind but voice creates a fantasy of emotions that leaves a lasting impression.

And even in this day and age of  high-speed internet, video beyond 15 minutes still creates transmission issues; voice does not. Audio continues to be easily accessible.

It’s remarkable as to how convinced we were years ago that video chats would be the norm in communications and that has not happened. There’s something about your physical presence that makes many uncomfortable.

So Cinchcast is right, voice and audio recordings remains a powerful medium for communications regardless of the reason. That’s why this site specializes in audio interviews placed on your own website. It’s a way of effectively communicating with friends, family, customers and anyone you wish to influence.

Video certainly has its place but this nation loves a good story crafted around the spoken word. You should consider it for your future story telling needs.

Best, Len.

Source: (note that you have to register to obtain the report).

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