Video Interviews are Becoming Mainstream

by admin on July 12, 2011

Creating audio and video interviews and websites through Http://

I get questions about the prospect of doing and recording video interviews. There are a multitude of sites now that allow for video recordings.

I admit that it’s a lot easier for people to just to use their home phone and do audio interviews. Through Skype, you could interview multiple family members or business associates at the same time.

But emerging services could create a powerful mechanism for video interviews or exchanging information with peers or anyone else in the country.

The technology is emerging and will only get better with time. See for additional information.

I still believe that audio provides for a more relaxed interview; people don’t have to worry about their appearance. Video interviews are tough to edit. The cost is greater.

But within the next year, video interviews will be easier than ever to conduct. As long as participants don’t expect a ton of editing (minimized through the pre-interview) the concept may become a preference for people participating in MyLifeAudio.Com.

Best, Len.



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