What do you have in common with Steve Jobs?

by admin on October 10, 2011


Steve Jobs (co-founder, chairman, and chief executive officer of Apple Inc) knew that he had  limited time remaining before he died. The incredibly secretive Jobs authorized an autobiography. He also started an institute for Apple employees to teach his technological and corporate philosophy. He knew that he had to leave his legacy behind.

OK, so you’re no Steve Jobs. Who is?

But the lesson here is that Jobs felt it necessary to leave his philosophy behind.  So should you.

It’s not my place to engage in the metaphysical and remind you that we are all unique creatures put here to contribute to the common good (in ways that many of us may not recognize). But all of us have contributed significantly to our families and work and community.

Are our legacies just as important as the one left behind by Mr. Jobs? To our spouses and children and to our professional colleagues, they are one hundred percent more important than anything Steve Jobs did throughout his lifetime.

Steve Jobs wanted his philosophy of design, technology and corporate savvy to continue beyond his own death.

Equally important are your thoughts, knowledge and insights. It’s time to consider sharing them.

Best, Len.


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