What do you remember about your birthday?

by admin on May 16, 2011








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It’s my 60th birthday

It’s my 60th birthday. I remember being much younger and thinking that people who were 60 were similar to the walking dead. And when I say that there’s not a bit of difference in my hopes and dreams and my aspirations between now and when I was 25, my younger friends simply smile and think that my observation is “cute.”

OK fellow boomers, am I right? Yep, your 60th birthday is a bit profound but in the final analysis, who cares? I’m still married to a beautiful and caring woman and I’m still progressing in my chosen occupation and I’m still building businesses for retirement and there’s still an endless amount of stuff I want to do.

As always, there’s a tendency for me to pitch recorded interviews of birthdays because we tend to forget so much of what happened throughout the years.

I try to remember what it was like as I was growing up. I have a vague sense of my mother creating my favorite cake and the family singing “Happy Birthday.” I’m sure there were presents along the way but I remember none of them. What I get from my memories is comforting and secure but the details are lacking.

Wouldn’t it be interesting to hear or see myself on my tenth birthday? What were my dreams? What was my reality at the time? What did I hope to accomplish?

Better yet, if my children saw or listened to the interview, what would they see in me? What would they see in themselves?

So bring it on. Howdy 60. Welcome to the show. And for those reading this, consider audio or video interviews for yourself or your children.  Sometimes, memories that define us should be more than vague or comforting moments.

Best, Len.




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