What should I charge to tell your story?

by admin on March 6, 2011

One person’s journey of business creation; telling your story through audio and video. Http://mylifeaudio.com.

The process of developing a website and business is a daunting prospect for someone who spent an entire professional life in government.

One major issue is what to charge. The first audio recording and website (see example interviews) took approximately ten hours to create “but” that was a first-time effort. I assume that I can do an audio recording and website in six hours or less when I start doing these on a daily basis.

The $500.00 asking price for a recording and website is pure guesswork. Some reviewers suggest that it’s too much and some state that it’s too little.

To get some perspective, I went on the Internet and took a look at what others are charging for similar services. Well, there are a lot of people doing personal histories who are charging anywhere from $3,000 to $30,000 and beyond

Granted, they are not doing what I propose to do; they are writing full manuscripts or a printed book about an individual’s life. They are spending hundreds of hours with clients; I propose to do an audio recording and website in a day.

Will my product be as “worthy” or “comprehensive” as a written product about a person’s life? Probably not. But what I do is affordable and I trust that I can create a story just as compelling and interesting as the more expensive products.

After hosting hundreds of television and radio shows over a twenty-year period, I believe that I know how to get to the heart of any matter. I believe that I can compressively tell your story and make it available to the world (if that’s what you want) via your own website.

So what to charge? That issue will only be decided when I start charging; the market will decide.

If you have opinions, I would love to hear them.

Best, Len Sipes.


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