Who Is Len Sipes

On TV SetContact me at leonardsipes@gmail.com or toll-free at 410-575-3127 .

National award winner for audio, podcasts, customer service, technology, public affairs and television production and hosting.

Listen to a short audio description of the service at https://www.mylifeaudio.com/audio-description-my-life-audio-the-ability-to-tell-your-story/ .

Hi! I have an unquestioned reputation for honesty and service. That’s the only way anyone can survive 35 years of talking to national and state media. I am a senior spokesperson and social media manager for a federal agency. I have a former top-secret security clearance from the US Senate.

I am a graduate of several universities with a post-Master’s Degree from the Johns Hopkins University. I have 45 years of government service with 35 of those years involved in media and public relations.

I have told the stories of people for over 20 years through hosting television and radio shows and writing articles for national publications. My television and radio interviews have been featured by the White House and major agencies and websites.

I’ve been interviewed and quoted by every national news operation multiple times; from the New York Times to CBS Evening News to Entertainment Tonight, I have done them all.

In my home office you will see personalized autographed photos from the biggest names in national news and entertainment.  I participated in the nation’s most successful public service advertising campaign (McGruff the Crime Dog).

I operated the most popular social media site in the country for my topic using radio, television a blog and  transcripts. I introduced the first state and federal television and radio podcast series.

I am someone who gets great enjoyment from telling your story. You can trust me with that responsibility. Throughout this time, stories of people were the most important ingredient in getting a message to the public. I got to know people and make them comfortable. I discovered what was important to them. I encouraged them to tell their story the way they want it told.

Next steps:

Contact me at leonardsipes@gmail.com or toll-free at 410-575-3127 . Let’s discuss your thoughts or ideas.

For Additional Information: For additional information, please see my personal site at Http://LeonardSipes.Com .


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