Why are you too shy to be interviewed? Keeping Your Website Private

by admin on June 22, 2011








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In my conversations with people who visit this site (thank you) and comment, they tell me what they like and dislike.

When I ask them if “they” would use a site like mine they often say no. Possibly the biggest reason for reluctance is that they are too modest or shy to create their own interview and website.

When I tell them that it’s really not for them but for their kids and grandkids, they still express reluctance.

Visitors don’t disagree that milestones in life are important. They agree that hearing or seeing someone in their younger years or as they get older “is” important.

They just don’t see the need to make it public.

Ok. Here’s a reason. I have endless bags of photos of the family sitting in my basement that will never see the light of day until I retire. I have a recording of my father that other people want access to.

Home movies and photos and audio recordings are great but they’re worthless if no one ever sees or hears them.

Milestones, key events, celebrations create fleeting but cherished memories that fade into existence. Having something on a website is forever and easily accessible.

Even is you have a website you can still keep it semi-private.  You can hide it from search engines; only the people who know the address will have access.

Is this foolproof? No, it’s not. Nothing is ever completely private on the Internet. But it’s private enough that, in all probability, only the people you want to have access can see it.

It’s just such a shame that people who have so much to offer remain hidden even from their own friends and family.

Best, Len.



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